Broad Spectrum Diamond Bit

Broad Spectrum Diamond Bit

Designed to cover all ground conditions, Tebon diamond bit are classified for soft (hardness between 1 and 5), medium (hardness between 6 and 9) and hard (hardness between 10 and 12) formations, with each classification suitably meet the demands of abrasive and broken conditions.


1. The diamond bit no longer needs to identify changes in formations as closely as conventional bits, or to change bits as often to adapt to changing formations.

2. Selected and processed diamonds with a highly polished surface are used to ensure the high quality of this impregnated diamond drill bit.

3. Our diamond bits feature high impact resistance and great tool life.

4. Adaptability to different formations and high penetration rate ensure the high performance of the bit.

5. Ideal for drilling soft to hard formations with high drilling efficiency.

Our diamond drill bits are used for coalfield mining, hydroelectric exploration, hard rock drilling, metal exploration, geological exploration, water well drilling, hydro power and water conservancy, water and electricity building, construction industry of road, bridge, railway, and building, etc.
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