Electroplated Diamond Tools


Tebon specializes in designing and manufacturing a number of electroplated products, including diamond grinding wheel, diamond laps, diamond discs, etc., bringing our application and manufacturing experience together to provide high quality products, which exhibit superior performance, even in the most demanding applications. Custom made tools according to customers’ specifications is also one of Tebon’s strengths.


1. Less tool changes and low costs due to the excellent tool life of our electroplated diamond tools.
2. Comfortable and quick removal of metal penetrations on account of the super-hard diamond.
3. Low dust load on account of the dimensional stability of our electroplated diamond grinding tools.
4. Reduced vibration load due to the form stability of our electroplated diamond tools.
5. Relief of the user on account of the reduction of necessary contact pressure.

Our electroplated diamond tools are extensively used for grinding and shaping hard and brittle materials such as gems, glass, ceramics, stones, semi-conductors, carbide, quenched steel and magnetic materials, etc.