Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheel

Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheel
This electroplated diamond grinding wheel is evenly electroplated with diamond to provide a smooth finish. We offer coarse mesh wheels and fine mesh wheels. Coarse mesh wheels are used for grinding and shaping large pieces of materials; fine mesh wheels are designed for small pieces of materials.


1. Increased safety at workplace - the wheel body will not break or come apart as a result of accidental abuse, over-speeding or failure of the electroplated diamond grinding wheel.

2. Fast cutting action due to the diamond abrasive, thus improving the grinding efficiency.

3. A cleaner working environment as less grinding dust will be generated due to reduced wheel wear of our electroplated diamond wheel.

4. Reduced material disposal costs as our wheel hubs can be reused.

5. Enhanced operator ergonomics attributable to reduced vibration resulting from light plastic hub.

1) Custom shapes and specifications of steel hubs are available.
2) Every wheel is supplied with a set of bushings, with adaptable sizes for φ1/2”, φ5/8”, and φ3/4” spindles.

General Specifications
O.D. × Arbor × Thickness Diamond Mesh Size
φ4” × φ1” × 1.5” 60# to 1,200#
φ6” × φ1” × 1.5” 60# to 1,200#
φ8” × φ1” × 1.5” 60# to 1,200#
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