Diamond Drill Bit for Engineering Exploration

Diamond Drill Bit for Engineering Exploration

Diamond drill bit for engineering exploration features fast drilling speed and great tool life, especially suitable for short drilling in engineering, geotechnical and shallow mining investigation projects. For soft rocks, after drilling with our non-coring drill bits, users can directly carry out grouting, so as to accelerate the progress of project. Most of our drill bits are electroplated or hot press sintered ones. Hardness of the matrix is HRC20-50.

1. Our geotechnical core drilling bits last longer than competing products (ultra-abrasion resistant gauges)

2. Maximize penetration rates with this diamond drill bit for engineering exploration (cut hard rocks faster)

3. Require less push, resulting in a more accurate drilling

4. Precise, vibration free drilling for straighter holes

5. Less fuel consumption, rod wear and core barrel wear of this geotechnical core drilling bit

Our diamond drill bits are used for hard rock drilling, metal exploration, coalfield mining, geological exploration, water well drilling, hydro power and water conservancy, water and electricity building, construction industry of road, bridge, railway, and building, etc.
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