Diamond Wire

Diamond wire is made of steel wire that can be threaded with diamond-impregnated beads. It can be used to cut materials like marbles, stones, concrete, etc. Diamond wires have evolved from traditional ones with springs to the safer and more practical plasticized diamond wires and rubberized diamond wires.

Diamond wire can be used in both wet and dry applications for the following materials:

Granite Marble Sandstone Slate Onyx Concrete Reinforced Concrete
1. As the first company in China to manufacture diamond wires, Tebon is very experienced in production and applications of these products. Our professional R&D and sales team are proficient in providing customers with the most suitable products and cater for their special requests.

2. Certified by ISO9001, we carry out a strict quality control system to inspect all the raw materials and the whole production process. We also cooperate with world-leading companies to improve our management system, in an effort to keep and the quality of products stable and reliable, and continuously make progress together with our customers.

When selecting diamond wires, you need to take the equipment and cutting material (hardness, reinforcement, etc.) into account. Over the years we have developed multiple series of products, so our customers can always find the most suitable tool.