Diamond Wire for Marble Profiling

Diamond Wire for Marble Profiling
Our diamond wire for marble profiling is widely used to cut:
1. Various types of marble arc board.
2. Marble blocks.
3. Marble cylinder.

This diamond wire for stone sawing features:
1. High efficiency and smooth cutting surface.
2. Fewer chances of broken wire but long service life.
Wire Specifications
Item No. Bead Diameter (mm) Beads per Meter Cutting Material Coating
W3 Ф8.5 33 Marble profiling High strength plastic
W13 Ф9.0 33
Cutting Material Wire Speed (m/s) Cutting Speed (m2/h) Wire Life (m2/m)
Soft marble 30 to 33 1.0 to 3.0 15 to 40
Middle hard marble 28 to 31 0.6 to 2.5 10 to 30
Hard marble 25 to 30 0.3 to 1.0 6 to 15
Bead Specifications
Bead Diameter (mm) of Working Layer (mm) Length (mm) Bead Type
Ф8.5 H6.0 9.5 Sintered
Ф9.0 H6.0 9.5 Sintered
Ф8.5 H6.2 10.0 Electroplated single layer diamond

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