Electroplated Diamond Disc

Electroplated Diamond Disc
Tebon electroplated diamond discs are well-suited to grind and shape hard and brittle materials such as gems, glass, ceramics, stone, semi-conductors, carbide, quenched steel and magnetic materials, etc.
1. Increased safety at workplace - our electroplated diamond laps will not break or come apart as a result of accidental abuse, over-speeding, etc.

2. Fast cutting action due to the diamond abrasive, thus improving the grinding and shaping efficiency.

3. Reduced wear of our electroplated diamond discs and laps can help create a cleaner working environment as less grinding dust will be generated, and extend the service life of the discs and laps.

4. Enhanced operator ergonomics attributable to more efficient grinding and reduced vibration.

The base body of lap is made of high quality structural carbon steel. Custom laps and discs are available upon request. We can also make square laps.

General Specifications
O.D. × Arbor × Thickness Diamond Mesh Size
φ6” × φ1/2” × 1.0 50# to 3000#
φ8” × φ1/2” × 1.0 50# to 3000#
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