Product Introduction

1. Diamond wires
Diamond wires are applied to stone quarrying, squaring and profiling, block shaping and construction engineering, etc.

These diamond wires enjoy excellent flexibility, and they will not be limited by the size of work pieces.

2. Laser welded diamond tools
Our laser welded diamond tools include diamond blades, core drill bits, cup wheels, etc. of various sizes and specifications.

These tools are well-suited for cutting and processing various construction materials such as ferroconcrete, asphalt, green concrete, bricks, stones, ceramics and glass, etc. These tools are welcomed by customers from over 40 countries and regions across the world.

3. Diamond drill bits
Our diamond drill bits and reaming shells enjoy high popularity among users from fields of metallurgy, nonferrous metals, mineral resources, mining, chemistry, construction, and nuclear projects, etc.

In recent years, we have made considerable progress in improving the drilling speed and tool life, so as to make our tools suitable for drilling special rocks such as hard and solid rocks, fractured and abrasive rocks, and soft rocks of coalfield exploration.

Our latest developed deep-hole wire line core bits and broad spectrum diamond bits help expand the application range of our tools.

4. Electroplated diamond tools
Electroplated diamond tools are widely used in grinding and shaping gems, crystals, ceramic materials, glass and cemented carbide, etc.

5. PCBN blanks
We are proud to provide our customers with a line of products that is most comprehensive and complete in China. Featuring fast cutting and high precision, our PCBN products are widely used in processing cast iron, hardened steel, powder metallurgy materials and Ni-Co-base heat-resistant alloys.

Using the most advanced technology of synthesis and inspection, our newly developed products can be applied in EDM (electrical discharge machining), as CBN can be distributed more even, and it has a better and steadier performance of heat-resistance and toughness.

6. Diamond wire saw machine and drilling machine

Diamond wire saw machines are used for stone quarrying and block squaring. These machines are quite easy to use and highly automated.

Horizontal drilling machine is used in drilling horizontal holes and obtaining core sample. Diameter of the drill bit is 75mm, and the drilling speed comes to 2-4m/hr. The machine is economical, stable and easy to operate.

7. Diamond wire cutting machine
Widely used in cutting hard and brittle materials such as sapphire, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, silicon, alumina, alumina ceramics, gemstone, precious stone, magnetic materials, etc.