Diamond Multi-Wire for Granite Slab Cutting

Diamond Multi-Wire for Granite Slab Cutting
1. Our diamond multi-wire for granite slab cutting is suitable for cutting different kinds of granite slabs.
2. This granite slab diamond wire can be cutting different sizes of slabs.
3. Suitable for multi-wire saw of 5 to 80 wires as a group.

1. High efficiency in cutting granite slabs with very smooth surface.
2. Injecting endless diamond wire is applied to lower the chance of breaking the wire.
3. High-tensile steel wire with very little deformation effectively reduces mutual interference between oscillating wires while cutting.
Wire Specifications
Item No. Bead Diameter (mm) Beads per Meter Cutting Material Coating
W18 Ф7.2 37 Granite slabs High strength plastic
W20 Ф6.2
Cutting Material Wire Speed (m/s) Cutting Speed (m2/h) Wire Life (m2/m)
Soft granite 28 to 32 0.7-1.3 (× number of wires) 6-13
Middle hard granite 28 to 32 0.5-1.0 (× number of wires) 4-8
Hard granite 25 to 30 0.5-1.0 (× number of wires) 2-6
Bead Specifications
Bead Diameter (mm) of Working Layer (mm) Length (mm) Bead Type
Ф7.2 H6.5, H7.0 10.5 Sintered
Ф6.2 H6.5, H7.0 10.0 Sintered
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