Crack Chaser Blade

Crack Chaser Blade
Our TCC series crack chaser blades are designed for routing and cleaning of concrete mortar joints, as well as chasing and widening in roads, foundations, sidewalks and driveways with their 10mm segments. These crack chaser diamond blades are well suited to repair of foundation, driveway, road, sidewalk, general crack, etc.


1. A V-shaped segment design with diamond embedded wedges for excellent cutting speed and exceptional blade life.

2. These crack chaser diamond blades are used with circular saws, angle grinders and tuck pointers for cutting block, concrete, green concrete, hard concrete, stones, pavers, etc.

3. This crack chaser blade can be used in both dry and wet conditions.

1. Concrete routing and cleaning
2. Foundation repair
3. Driveway repair
4. Road repair
5. Sidewalk repair

1. Road crews
2. Building contractors
3. Concrete contractors
4. Governmental road departments

Technical Parameter
Item No. Outside Diameter Segment Dimensions (mm) Arbor
TCC040 4” (100mm) 6.4 / 9.5 10 7/8”-5/8”
TCC045 4-1/2” (115mm) 6.4 / 9.5 10 7/8”-5/8”
TCC050 5” (125mm) 6.4 / 9.5 10 7/8”-5/8”
TCC070 7” (180mm) 6.4 / 9.5 10 7/8”-5/8”
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