Fast Cutting Blade

Fast Cutting Blade

TGPB series fast cutting blade is highly effective in cutting cured concrete, reinforced concrete, hard brick, pavers, stone, etc. Turbo segments allow fast cutting of this turbo segmented diamond blade.


1. Longer service life
An increased segment height, high density diamond grits in the segment as well improved specifications contribute to longer service life of this fast cutting blade.

2. Faster cut
Increased segment height creates faster cutting of this turbo segmented diamond blade.

3. Increased safety
High and uniform density across the whole segment allows for stronger laser-welding torque resistance compared with traditional blades. This fast cutting blade can also reduce segment loss while improving safety.

4. Greater comfort
Innovative designs for smoother cutting offers better comfort, fewer vibrations and efforts while cutting for a better quality of cut.

Technical Parameter
Item No. Outside Diameter Segment Dimensions (mm) Arbor
TGPB12 12” (300mm) 3.2 15 1”-20mm
TGPB14 14” (350mm) 3.2 15 1”-20mm
TGPB16 16” (400mm) 3.2 15 1”-20mm
TGPB18 18” (450mm) 3.6 15 1”-20mm
TGPB20 20” (500mm) 3.6 15 1”-20mm
TGPB24 24” (600mm) 4.5 15 1”-20mm

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