General Purpose Blade

General Purpose Blade

Our TGPD series general purpose diamond blades are ones available today with highest overall performance. These diamond saw blades are designed to provide fast and aggressive cutting of a large variety of advanced and composite materials. Other diameters, thickness and arbor sizes are available upon request.

This laser welded saw blade is extensively used for cutting
Natural stone


1. High cutting performance.
By using this general purpose diamond blade, diamonds come in contact with the material in the right place and at the right time, working where they are most needed. You can make the best of the diamond and bond.

2. Faster cutting action.
Our diamond saw blades are more aggressive than conventional blades. They can cut faster, and leave behind a smooth finish.

3. More universal usage and longer service life.
These laser welded saw blades are designed to work on almost all the materials you can find. You can use them to cut hard as well as soft materials, and our blades will keep the same consistent performance.

4. Excellent cooling system.
Our general purpose diamond blades are designed to cut with or without oil. It’s more preferable for users to use water as a coolant. Oil doesn’t seem to be a proper coolant, while water is a true organic coolant, as it will not leave material being cut contaminated or oily.
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