Segmented Diamond Blade

Segmented Diamond Blade

Our TGPC series segmented diamond blade aggressively cuts a wide variety of materials including concrete, brick, block, stone, asphalt, slate and other abrasive materials.

1. This laser welded general purpose blade is designed for cutting abrasive materials like asphalt.
2. Supreme quality with 10mm segments offer superior cutting performance and long service life.
3. Slanted steel core design with cooling holes of this segmented cutting blade for maximum cutting speed and better heat dissipation.
4. Deep undercut protection segments prevent undercutting on abrasive materials.
5. Laser welded segments ensure safety and durability of our diamond cutting blade.
6. 1” arbor fits most walk behind saws up to 20HP.
7. This segmented diamond blade can be used for dry or wet cutting.

Technical Parameter
Item No. Outside Diameter Segment Dimensions (mm) Arbor
TGPC12 12” (300mm) 3.2 10 1”-20mm
TGPC14 14” (350mm) 3.4 10 1”-20mm
TGPC16 16” (400mm) 3.4 10 1”-20mm
TGPC18 18” (450mm) 3.6 10 1”-20mm
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