Tear-slot Diamond Blade

Tear-slot Diamond Blade

TGPG series tear-slot diamond blades are laser welded and designed to cut through very hard masonry materials. These blades offer the combination of a turbo type cutting rim with the style of a segmented diamond blade. These turbo segmented diamond blades can offer a cleaner cut than a regular segmented blade, making them ideal for cutting pavers, masonry and bricks. The tear slot design allows fast and cool cuts with easy slurry removal.


1. This tear-slot diamond blade adopts supreme quality diamonds for smooth cutting with long life and minimum chipping.

2. Distinctive tear slot core design of this turbo segmented diamond blade allows improved precision, stability, superior cooling and easy slurry removal.

3. This tear-slot diamond blade is great for very hard masonry materials like pavers, bricks, etc. k

Technical Parameter
Item No. Outside Diameter Segment Dimensions (mm) Arbor
TGPG12 12” (300mm) 3.6 15 1”-20mm
TGPG14 14” (350mm) 3.6 15 1”-20mm
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