Concrete L-segment Cup Wheel

Concrete L-segment Cup Wheel

GWCL series concrete L-segment cup wheels are suitable for grinding and shaping a wide range of construction materials at an economical cost. These materials include concrete, concrete pavers stone, masonry, bricks, concrete blocks etc. The specially designed "L” shaped segments provide smooth surface grinding.

1. High diamond concentration of these L-segment cup grinding wheels for aggressive material removal and long life.
2. Large grinding segments with heat treated steel bodies provide enhanced durability and wheel life.
3. The design of venting hole helps to dissipate heat for extended service life.
4. The specially designed "L” shaped segments of this concrete L-segment cup wheel provide smooth surface grinding.

Item No. Diameter Segment Number Arbor
inch mm
GWCL04 4’’ 100 10 5/8’’-11UNC
GWCL05 5’’ 125 12 5/8’’-11UNC
GWCL06 6’’ 150 14 5/8’’-11UNC
GWCL07 7’’ 180 16 5/8’’-11UNC
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